Walmart Incident

I was lining up with groceries with my mom earlier at Walmart while something odd happened. I think, although not completely sure, that some teenage boy hit on me. Below are the conversation pieces that I can recall:

boy: can you grab me the stick please? (referring to the separator)

me: *grabbed the stick and placed it after my groceries*

boy: thank you

me: *nodded slightly*

boy: do you speak english?

me: err yea?

boy: well because usually when someone says thank you, you say you’re welcome.

me: oh I nodded. *looked away thinking this guy is rude*

boy: heh I guess that works as well

me: *no expression, still looking away*

Following a period of waiting/lining up, mom noticed that I kept on rubbing my back so she asked me, in Chinese, if I have bad posture during work.

me: blah blah blah explaining why in Chinese and then ended with one English word “tension” to sum it up

boy: so you have back problems eh?

mom: aiya you should watch out for these things (in Chinese)

me: *nodded* (I was more nodding to my mom than to the boy)

That’s all that I can recall.. but do realize that the boy is NOT Chinese. Mom and I both think he’s mixed between White and Black. My mom said at first she thought the boy was messing with me, but then she noticed he put too much attention on me so she thinks he’s just trying to catch my attention.

mom: he’s not bad looking, too bad you’re taken.

me: mom, he’s probably still in high school.

mom: oh well

me: -_-b

This has got to be my weirdest Walmart encounters.

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  1. …. how come you always run into weird things like that…. this reminds me of your blog about the boy you met on the bus one day during your last co-op term i think…

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