hail to the sun.. pls dun spread ur heat to us.. we’re living in a boiling planet called earth.. if u really have to spread ur warmth, then just travel a bit farther than where u r right now and we’ll all be happy and cool^^
i really really hope i’ll be a cat or a guy next life…
i can be as lazy as possible and i wouldnt care if im fat or not cuz the fatter the cuter right?..if im a cat i could just sit there and ppl would say im cute and they’ll feed me if i meow.. how great is that lol^^
if im a guy then i wont have period.. and wont experience the pain to give birth.. all i have to do is to spread my sperms and 10 months later i get my cute baby from my wife lol..
grrr…. im in painnnnn i hate this monthly thingy that’s like a repetitive bomb or a constant stomach bug, slowly chewing and destroying me………..!!
anyway i should be happy.. bday party tomorrow, hurrah! XD
i really wanna get apple.. sigh… but i really need money for uni right now..i’ll stay hungry for 4 more months then get my yummy apple… G5 rox^^
o yea.. i think im gonna go back to china in 2008^^ for olympic and travel around in china for an entire term of school.. cuz i really dun have summer vacation anymore.. damn u co-op.. but i get paid for co-op yippers luv u waterloo.. lol..