Weird Phone Call

8:30 in the morning, both Mom and I are in a rush to get to work, our phone rings.

mom – “Who calls international this early in the morning?” (Judging by the ringtone, we can tell it’s international)
me – “…”
mom – *checks display* “It’s definitely those surveys again, I’m not picking it up.”
me – “…”

The phone kept on ringing, repetitively. They must’ve called at least 3 times. By the time I’m at the door, I’m already fully equiped, ready to take off. The phone is still ringing. I picked it up.

me – “Hello?”
me – “Hellow??”
phone – “Hi.”
me – “Who is this?”
phone – “I need to speak to Chris.”
me – “You got the wrong number.” *expecting apology*
phone – “What? How long has it been a wrong number?”
me – *WTF?!* “What??”
phone – “I need to speak to Chris Blah!” (I forgot the full name.)
me – “You got the wrong number! And I need to leave now!”
phone – *hangs up*
me – (=_=)b

My Painting On Display

I’m having my painting displayed on campus right now, in the Williams Cafe shop. Well.. so not really “on campus”. It’s a giant painting: 48” X 36” oil on canvas. It’s the fourth painting that I had to do for my painting course last term. The criteria is figures in environment. It came to my surprise that they wanted to exhibit this painting at Williams. I’ve always seen student pieces there, never knew who’s in charge of doing so until they’ve contacted me. I went to ECH to pick up my painting and discovered a sticky note attached to it asking to hang it at Williams. Soon after it was up there (they hung it in the beginning of January and I received the email 2 days ago), I got someone asking me if it’s for sale. I’m still debating whether I should sell it yet.. and if so, how much? I’m surprised that there are people willing to buy it..


The weather is so depressing these few days and it will be even more depressing as winter progresses. On my way home last night after work, with every step along the way, I smashed my boots in the dirty snow childishly making the “chia” sound. The roaring wind pushed me to lower my hood, which then resulted in me staring down at my own childish act. The rhythm of “chia” became faster as I sped up the process, I’ve been stepping harder and faster at the same time. Little did I know, I’ve walked past my home without realizing it. By the time I found out, I’m already at the end of the street. I pulled off my hood, turned around, saw a pedestrian walking towards me, pulled the hood back, and began walking backwards towards my house. I tried pulling my hood really really down and walking normally so that I won’t look too too stupid when I’m passing him by.

I don’t really like it when strangers talk to me in public, especially when I’m on a tight schedule. I hate it when they are rude or trying to make me sign up for stuff. But what ticks me off the most is when I have no idea what they said.. So this morning on my way to work, I was walking along Adelaide when I happened to encounter this random stranger. He walked passed me and said something that sounded like this, “blah blah blah-ai.” So basically the only sound I picked up is the ending sound “ai”. My immediate reaction was smiling to him as he passed me by. But then I realized that he could’ve said “Get out of my way!”, which would really piss me off. This thought really made me angry because I’d be such a loser if I smiled back to something like that. I tried to think positive, so I thought to myself that he could’ve said “Have a nice day!”, which would’ve been nice and worked out fine with me smiling back to him. And then I started thinking other possible phrases that he could’ve said.. including a question: “Where is The Bay?” and other foreign language possibilities. By the time I realized that I’ve walked past my office, I was already on an unknown intersection. Once again, I got my hood down. Seriously, as if that’s going to make me look less stupid for walking backwards! Grr.. how I hate this weather.. and grr.. how I hate getting lost!






1. 能够完善地理解他人的意为、想法、动向。我认为这类人通常城府比较深。有个事儿喜欢憋在心里头,长期下来肯定得病。

2. 能够善良地理解他人的意为、想法、动向。这里有必要说明一下,既然此人并不是能够完善地理解,那么有可能是在曲解为善事。所以这类人通常都比较天真,执着地一视同仁。

3. 能够完善并且善良地理解他人的意为、想法、动向。这种人就比较变态了,属于自欺欺人型。如果(2)所指的人是天真的,那么这类人就是假装天真。明明已经知道世界不那么美好了,却依然顽固地画上彩虹。

4. 能够完善地解释他人的意为、想法、动向。说到解释,就要明白这类人口才要好。这类人不仅仅工于心计、而且善于表达,不去当侦探还真有点可惜。当然如果非要去当坏人,也是一等一的谋士。

5. 能够善良地解释他人的意为、想法、动向。我觉得这种人朋友肯定一大把,而且肯定不是信佛就是信教。当然能够一直保持这种心态肯定不容易,如果不是被父母洗脑了就是一生没受过很多挫折。

6. 能够完善并且善良地解释他人的意为、想法、动向。这类人比较可怜,属于有苦说不出型。并且十分有可能是双重性格。由于长期把实话憋着,心理压力承受能力肯定也比较高。